Secure Shopping

Secure online shopping at Garden Timber Online

We take your security very seriously here at Garden Timber Online. We aim to make each online shopping experience at equally as safe as physically shopping in any Garden Timber Online store. When you shop online at, as soon as you access pages requiring the entry of personal information – such as the ‘Checkout’ or ‘Sign in/Register’ pages – your browser will go into secure mode.

To check if secure mode has been activated, look for a padlock icon on the bottom-right of your browser window (if you are in Internet Explorer), or your address bar turning yellow (in Firefox). Either of these occurrences indicates that the webpage is considered secure, and all information entered in the specified page is encrypted. In ‘secure mode’, all your details are encrypted. Encryption is the ability to create billions of code combinations that protect each transaction made on our site from unauthorised access, so your card details and personal information cannot be viewed by anyone else using the Internet. The most recent browser versions use a 128 bit encryption, thereby allowing us to keep your details as safe as possible. only accept orders placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information whilst using an insecure connection. For further security checks during payments, we request your card signature code and billing address. will encrypt and store your card details for purposes of payment and refunds, by using the methods specified above. to save time with future purchases, we offer the users the facility to save their credit card details in the ‘Checkout’ page. This will store your card details to your own PC in the form of a cookie. This information is inaccessible to anyone other than the users of your PC.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode is now participating in Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for additional online payment security. These services are offered by Visa and MasterCard, in association with the bank that has issued your credit/debit card. Its aim is to protect your details, whilst shopping online, by ensuring that your card is not being used by unauthorised users.

If the credit / debit card you are using to pay for your order qualifies for one of these services you will be automatically re-directed to the above page hosted by your card issuer. This is a completely secure process and the information you provide is only visible to you and your card issuer. Said information will never be shared with other parties.

If you have not previously registered your Debit or Credit card with this service and your card qualifies, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to register securely and create a password for your card. The PIN number used for regular shopping with not be affected by this process. It’s an online shopping code that you’ll be able to use to identify yourself and your card when shopping at, effectively the online equivalent of chip & pin. Once registered, you will be taken back to to complete your order.

If you have already registered, you will be required to use your password on all online transactions.

If you’re unsure about this new service, and would not like to take part, you may be able to complete your order without registering your details. However, we recommend that you contact your card issuer to find out more, as this may be required in future transactions completed online.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Keeping your personal details safe

Once all online shopping has been completed, we do recommend that you always close down your Internet browser – especially when using a shared PC. Doing so will delete temporary Internet cookies from any sites that you have visited.

Garden Timber Online will never send email requesting financial information. Should you any suspicious e-mail claiming to be from Garden Timber Online and including a request for any financial information, DO NOT CLICK on any part of it or open any attached documents.Please contact us by e-mailing Customer Services should this ever occur.

Please be aware that the PIN you use for physical transactions, will never be asked for in an online transaction. Never reveal your PIN to anyone, in person or online.

How does your browser protect you and your data?

Most, if not all, modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, support ‘secure mode’ and standard security protocols.

Settings for each browser can be configured to alert you if your details are being transferred insecurely.

You can do this as follows:

Internet Explorer – select OPTIONS on the View menu, then click the SECURITY tab and ensure all the warning boxes are ticked.

Firefox – select TOOLS then OPTIONS on the Tools menu, then click the SECURITY tab, go into settings of the warning messages section and ensure all the warning boxes are ticked.

As online security is constantly evolving, we recommend you update your browser to the latest versions in order to take full advantage of any improved security features.

Additional security standards

The Garden Timber Online website is fully PCI DSS Compliant.

PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) ensures unbeatable security & protection of sensitive and personal customer information – including credit cards. By complying with these standards Garden Timber Online can assure confidence in each customer, that their personal data is as safe as possible when purchasing products online at

The requirements for Tier 1 Certification include:

-Security management policies

-Security policies

-Security procedures

-Network architecture

-Software Design

-Critical Protective Measures

The Garden Timber Online website have gone through a rigorous independent audit and significant investment to attain Tier 1 PCI DSS certification. Audits are continuously carried out to ensure that the high standards required to achieve this certification are constantly adhered to.